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In The History of Love

All of the Girls Are Named Alma

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25. Loves: Fanfiction. The Number Five. Cheeseburgers. My iPod. Squirrels. The History of Love. A Tree Grows In Brookly. Books. Shennangians. Instant Mashed Potatoes. Books. Polka Dots. Abandoned Places. Photographs. The Last Unicorn. The Little Prince. Pink Headphones.

Dislikes: Zac and Vanessa. Vanessa Hudgens. Hoo-Ha showing. Lana Lang. Pinapples on Pizza. Tofu. Riding the Bus. Chliched Romance Novels. Drunk Drivers. Journal Stealers. Clowns. Idiots. Clowns (Yes. I hate them so much it appears twice!). People who mock other people. No Turkey on Thanksgiving. Scary Movies. Mountian Dew. Squid. Fish. Tomato Soup.

Ley is... The oldest of two. Single (mostly). Religous (mostly). Funny (sometimes). A random singer of songs. The girl who plays dress up at work. Messy but clean. Emo but joyous. Lively but lazy. Wanna be writer. Fanfic lover.

Real Life: Shikki. Jemi.

Harry Potter: Fanon: Draco and Ginny. Hermione and Blaise. Neville and Pansy. Canon: Ginny and Harry. Hermione and Ron.

Merlin (BBC): Arthur and Guinevere. Arthur and Merlin. Merlin and Gwen.

Smallville: Clark and Chloe. Chlois supporter and believer until I die.

Hairspray: TRINK (Tracy and Link). Seaweed and Penny. Cornbelle.

Life With Derek: Casey and Derek. Edwin and Lizzie.

Side ships: Anne and Gil. Elizabeth and Darcy. Bones and Booth. Romeo and Juliet. Peter and Wendy. Buttercup and Westley. Layla and Warren. Ryan and Samantha.

Brushes from aethereality, exotika-brushes,firaga, tere-art, itsuji, cirratus, ofthesky, brusheworx, braggadocio.org, trixicons, iconvexity, theu_turn, artistbynight and colorfilter

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As some of my FList says you should join because:

you just rock Ley...

ashcash7 Ash!

... you are awesome and a sweet person!!!

daydreamer2268 Kayla!

I love that you went from moist panties to porn month and never looked back.

I love that you invented Glen, and now we all think of him like family. Like canon!

I love that you can make me laugh and cry and squee and sigh, all in one fic.

I love that you make angsty, emo banners and crack-ass funny icons.

I love that you gladly take requests, and knock us over with your talent.

I love that you take chances and try off-the-wall ideas.

I love that you are an odd little duck.

I love that you are kind and funny and thoughtful and helpful and supportive and generous.

And I love that you are you, because you're a very special girl, and a kindred spirit.


Jenn!Wife aka... Jenn aka... Dumpling!

Um, EVERYTHING! Your funny, talented and a complete sweetheart. The Zikki love is just a huge plus and what happened to bring us together. Just look through all my posts and reviews. there is an entire book of reasons for all the Ley lovin.

heartonmysl33v3 Cupcake! aka Nonna... aka My other Wife!

You've brought so much to our little family,. You are an incredible writer and person :) You make me laugh daily with your writing:) I'm so glad to have a person like you in my life! You bring joy wherever you go! Much Love!

speechless1021 Aka Tracy... Aka My little Text Buddy!

Zikki might be what brought us together, but it's not even half the reason I love you. I love you because you're sweet, gorgeous, have a wickedly wierd sense of humour, kind and truly unique. Also, you're probably the most talented writer I've ever had the pleasure to come across online.

You're one of a kind, Ley!

wyntertwilight SADIA!

well, I was lured here with the promise of hot Zikki smexiness, and have never EVER been disappointed....only the best from Lady Ley.

I've only been reading your journal for about a month and already I feel like I know you a little bit. Your style is incredible and anyone who reads just one entry can tell that here is one special writer.

Anyway....now that I've made myself sound totally stupid and lame, all that's really left to be said is YOU ROCK


you are on my friends list because....

i love each and every fanmix you produce and every word you write.......whether you like them or not

i want to your fic on my friends page....selfish i know but there it is

i wanted to be on your friends list....again selfish but i'm human

but the most important reason that you're on my friends list...the real reason...is because you're my friend....simple as that

*hug* x a million

sgh_intern Beckles! Aka...My Queen!

You gave me Glen,
You're the ink in my pen,
When I might tire,
It is you who inspire.

Yes I love you.

theirishgirl Irish! My Soul Sister. Sharer of my handbasket! </i>

This is how the whole crazy be my friend thing works. One. See this post. Fill out or don't fill out the questions. But tell me 'hey I want to be your friend. And like you've been sprinkled with magic unicorn happy dust...friends! If you just add me? I will most likely not add you back. If you have nothing on your page and I'm your only friend? Without me knowing you? No addy.

They call me Ley.
All the graphics belong to me.
If you want you can have,
just as long as you credit me.

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